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Gift Certificates Now Available! A new model designed to handle even easier than the Falcon great for training or for pilots who value light weight, convenience, slow flying and easy take-off and landing above other performance attributes.

An excellent single surface glider. Great for beginner pilots or anyone looking for some stress free flying. A fantastic intermediate double surface glider. Easy to launch fly and land with a well designed VG system. Great for pilots ready to expand their skill set beyond the novice level, pilots looking to compete at the sport class level, or experienced pilots that want a fun glider to fly.

This is the glider for intermediate pilots who are ready to push their skill set, sport class competitors, or for advanced pilots.

A top of the line advanced topless glider.

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The T3 has been lauded for its easy handling and landing characteristics along with its performance in the air. This is the glider for pilots looking to push their skills to the limit or compete at the open class level.

Wills Wing has an easy to use color picker so you can make your glider truly your own. Or if you want your glider to arrive a little faster you can pick a glider from Wills Wing's existing inventory. Contact us to start you order.

A fun and easy to fly single surface glider. Originally designed for beginner and intermediate pilots, the Malibu was soon adopted as the perfect "dune-gooning" wing and warmly welcomed by experienced pilots, due to its exceptionally slow speed and quick roll handling performance. An awesome intermediate double surface glider with high range of VG. Excellent glider for pushing thermal soaring to the next level or getting into XC flying. A cutting edge topless glider for advanced pilots.

A great glider for pilots looking to push their skills to the limit or who are looking to compete with the best of them. An amazing king posted glider for Advanced pilots or intermediate pilots nearing an advanced skillset. Designed by Gerolf Heinrichs, the Litesport has evolved out of the knowledge and experience base of the Litespeed and performs similarly to a non-king posted glider, while handling like an intermediate glider. Moyes has a suite of tools available to make ordering your dream wing easy as!

Wanting your glider sooner than later?Pilot Information. Reproduced with permission. But the smile soon faded when we went up the hill to find winds of over 30 mph.

How would the glider handle in turbulence! Would I feel secure with its stability! What about its performance! Most of my doubts were answered soon after launch, as I climbed out effortlessly. Turbulence was mild and I easily penetrated the higher winds aloft to get my start photo.

I eventually made goal on this strong crosswind day and walked around the glider with a smile on my face. I stroked the membrane, ogled the clean, curvaceous upper surface, kicked the tires and mused: "I believe Wills Wing has made the perfect glider".

Perfection is hard to come by in my cosmos, so after the first flush of infatuation abated I looked more critically for flaws. I did find a minor point or two which we shall report in due time, but blazor tutorials is clear to me that Wills Wing has fused all the good ideas from their previous gliders with a few new items to achieve a design that approaches perfection.

For your edification we present the WW Fusion. Figure 2: A head-on view of the full-dress Fusion. Notice the winglets and the outboard area held twisted by the sprogs. No doubt every pilot with a pulse has become aware of the topless glider revolution. The promise is improved performance, but this improvement comes at a price. This price must be paid not just in dollars, but also in weight and possibly stability. We shall see how Wills Wing handled these potential problems.

Before we begin, let me list my personal glider desirables in order of importance. These are: safety, top performance, handling, ease of takeoff and landing, light weight, ease of setup, appearance and price. Figure 3: The sprog forward attachment with its cable and universal joint.

Safety is most important to me because I fly for fun, and it is not fun to be continually in doubt about a glider's integrity. Controllability, strength and stability are the main safety factors, and these are all tested to a certain degree during the HGMA certification process.

In my opinion the Fusion feels as solid and dependable as any kingpost equipped glider. Let us look a bit further at the pitch stability question. Without a kingpost a glider cannot have reflex bridles lufflines.

These pitch stability devices are most useful when a negative angle of attack is encountered in a gust or incipient pitchover. Without reflex bridles some other method is required to slow or stop a glider's negative armoloy plate motion. Enter sprogs. Figure 4: A view of the sprog aft end with its hookup ring. A sprog is simply a glorified washout strut that limits how much the rear of the sail can blow down at the sprog location.

Ideally, a sprog should be placed as far toward the glider's wing tip as possible to hold twist in the sail well behind the glider's CG point.Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. We offer the most modular options in the industry. Fecha: 11 de Noviembre, Fly Products has developed a complete line of paramotors and trikes for both paramotor and hang gliders.

Already marketed at over units in over 52 countries, its reliability and excellent flying characteristics make it the perfect wing for sharing beautiful flights. See more ideas about powered parachute, trike, paragliding. We did a ton of development on this new frame. Airconception - popular was pushed by Eric at Avaitor. SAM Cell The new design is constructed from 20mm high strength aluminium tube which equates to an extremely robust Meet the Fenix XC - the best heavy duty Tandem Trike!!!

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In building the Breezy, he has taken a modest plansbuilt design and made it uniquely his own. The Breezy officially named the Breezy R. First introduced in at the Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-in at Rockford, Illinois, its open cockpit offered pilots, well, a breezy feeling and a spectacularly unobstructed view. It was designed to accommodate a set of PA wings or wings from other Pipers such as the PA or or the J-3 or -5and so no wing drawings are included in the plans, which are still available from Unger, now in his 70s.

That original Breezy, powered by a Continental C and 10 gallons of fuel, was meant to haul the pilot and two passengers, and it porta bore. Its now part of the collection at the EAA Museum.

Plans for the Breezy are pretty sparse, Hlavac said. You buy lengths of chrome-moly tubing, make every cut, complete every weld. No web sites. You do this project because you want to build. The plans are set up with stations, starting with Station 1 at the nose, and one just works his way through until the last station. It helped that Hlavacs friend and Breezy builder Jack Schifferer, whose first Breezy was also donated to the EAA Museum, gave him his set of plans, because the drawings of todays sets have been photocopied so often that they can be difficult to read.

Having done welding before, some on aircraft and some on other projects, Hlavac knew his way around a torch. Where his knowledge was lacking, he researched what he needed through books. This made him aware of areas on the airframe that could be beefed up or streamlined. For example, at any place in the plans that required a directional change in the tubing, thus calling for a cut and a butt weld, he made a smooth bend instead to increase strength.

Hlavac also wanted his Breezy to have dual sticks and rudder pedals, which was different from the original design. The larger engine he installed deviates from the plans and was needed to drive the electrical system, which the original did without. Hlavac uses a hp Lycoming OE2D powerplant that he says he would not have put on the plansbuilt as it stood, which explains why many of the structures were made stronger. The engine came from a Part schools Cessna that was retired after hours, Hlavac said.

So I have a first-run engine that is overhauled-all of the parts were yellow-tagged and the engine was reassembled per the Lycoming specifications. He fortified the engine tower to support the larger engine using a dynafocal mount and upgraded the landing gear.

He also added 1 in the horizontal stabilizers static angle of incidence to ease the unstick force that is common in high-thrust-line pusher airplanes. In what there is of a cockpit, the contact epic 2021 for the tachometer, airspeed and altitude gauges are angled toward the pilot instead of being flush-mounted for an easier view.

As the designers did with that first Breezy, Hlavac borrowed parts from other aircraft, and some of the decisions about what to modify were dictated by the parts he chose to use. For instance, the casting that connects the control stick to the aileron and elevator torque tube is from a Citabria.

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No information is available for this page. New | Wills Wing Sport 3 Black LE, Red/Black Under-surface, and White top-surface with black anodized slipstream control frame and Price.

$5, Customize your glider or see what's in stock. Prices Vary. Wills Wing has an easy to use color picker so you can make your glider truly your own. Wills Wing U2 in Excellent Condition Wills Wing Falcon 4 (+ harness, helmet, and vario) Sport 2 PRICE REDUCTION. July 17, Sylmar. Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company. Price Range · $$$. @WillsWing. See all.

Shop. $5, Sport 3. $9, T3. $ Wills Wing Silkscree $5, Wings Gallatin, north wing solairus wing for trike all white top Alpha wills wing Nice shape good sail Great trainer slow. The home page of Wills Wing manufacturers of world championship winning hanggliders since This graph below just adds the rough cost a new glider as well to throw Taken right from WillsWing's article - today's lowest performing.

Wills Wing is the largest manufacturer of hang gliders in the world. Since we have produced more than 27, hang gliders.

Wills Wing pilots hold. With a superb blend of Performance, Handling, Build Quality and Price there is a Wills Wing glider to suit all pilot levels, skills and ambitions. In were. Get instruction! Wills Wing. Year manufactured, Size (sq ft), Weight range (lbs), Description, Cost. Wills Wing Eagle £ Very good condition. Including Wills tail fin. Sport / Advanced. Contact us to list your glider for sale. Rigid Wing. on the hang glider Sport 2 by Wills Wing, you can supplement his card by adding your comment or write to us: e-mail Minimum sink rate (m/s).

Thank you for purchasing a Wills Wing glider, and welcome to the world wide family of our complete retail price list, a search engine, e-mail and more. IntroductionThank you for purchasing a Wills Wing glider, our complete retail price list, asearch engine, e-mail and more.

A 90+ page Gear or Travel Guide included; Subscribers' Prize Draws: twice a year, a lucky subscriber wins a new wing of their choice; Plus. Wills Wing. Archived from the original on 14 May Retrieved 26 October ^ ". Enjoy any of our menu items when you order delivery or pick it up yourself from the nearest Buffalo Wild Wings to you. With the Z5, all the upgrades that others sell as extra cost options are and attention to detail that is the hallmark of all Wills Wing products.