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Recently Google updated some of its web design and marketing tools to reflect a few new measurements. In fact these metrics will eventually become part of its core ranking algorithm. How do user experience and SEO connect? In fact, for years Google has been pushing better user experience as important for search visibility. They are designed to give web developers and online business owners a concrete way of measuring key indicators of UX design and SEO.

This means that websites should begin to optimize in these areas now so that they can be bettered prepared for long-term success and stay competitive in a key channel. According to Google its Core Web Vitals represent a set of metrics related to page speed, page responsiveness, and page visual stability.

In fact these metrics include:. This is an important visual indicator that demonstrates the page actually is loading. FID also relates to loading speed perception, but specifically focuses on how long before the visitor can actually interact with the page in a tactile way scrolling, clicking buttons, etc. Elements of page-load time like content-paint and time-to-interactive have largely already been measurable with tools like PageSpeed Insightsbut not cumulative layout shift.

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With a score of where zero means no shifting and 1 means the most shifting website designers will be able to measure CLS for better user experience and SEO. With the introduction of Core Web Vitals Google is continuing to indicate to the online world that user experience and site speed are as important as ever before.

This means that marketers and business owners will have to shift their strategies to focus more-and-more on user-experience SEO strategies along with site design that caters to these new UX SEO best practices. These concepts mean that user friendly design is nothing new for Google and it also means that as the web vitals also get packaged into the Google ranking algorithm, websites will have to become more attentive to user experience for their SEO.

Why should this matter to businesses? For example:. And as Google introduces the concept of the Core Web Vitals it is reiterating once again that its motives are for encouraging online businesses to focus on user experience SEO. Search optimization still deals largely with keyword research strategies, high-quality content, and proven on-page SEO best practices. How do you measure or verify your CWV? At the same time that Google announced these user friendliness metrics would become part of its ranking algorithm, they made updates to Search Console in order to give site owners a way to measure these elements directly.

The Speed report was originally pretty vague and really only categorized pages as slow, moderate, or fast. If a URL does not have the minimum amount of reporting data for any of these metrics, it will not appear in the report. Once the page has a enough data for any metric, the page status is the status of its most poorly performing metric.

So businesses and sites will be able to check their CWVs using any of these tools as well. The Core Web Vitals measured in PageSpeed Insights are the same as those shown in Search Console, but this tool only allows users to check one page a time. Here the actually Core Web Vitals will be noted with a blue ribbon and a warning will appear for any pages that score poorly.

The Lighthouse tool is free from Google, and can be used to check other technical parts of your site. Websites and businesses that want to maintain their search presence should focus on improving their UX and SEO together and should remember that these two concepts are closely related.

This update was a refresh of the Page Layout Algorithm designed to focus on how page-layout and readability could affect visitor — as well as user-experience SEO. In Google rolled out the Quality Update or the Phantom update which was one of the early updates to give a clear focus on bad user experience. Websites with content quality issues as well as pages that were overloaded with too many ads were negatively hit by this update.WebCoRE is a web-based rule engine that gives you a lot more options when it comes to setting up routines and automations in your smart home.

In webCoRE you create scripts called pistons, that hold all of the logic and conditional data inside of them that trigger when certain requirements are met.

This allows you to create complex rules and conditions that aren't possible in SmartThings or Alexa. This beginner's guide will show you step by step kenworth smart wheel conversion to install webCoRE for the SmartThings hub, in an easy to understand way. Unlike most programming software, webCoRE doesn't force you to learn a programming language in order to use it.

Instead it uses an intuitive graphical user interface that allows you to click on options from a dropdown menu or enter text via an input field. This makes it extremely easy to read and understand, once you have learned the basic functions of the engine.

Before you can start using webCoRE, you'll first have to install it, so let's get started. Go to the app store that your phone uses and download the "SmartThings Connect" app. Go to the app store that your phone uses and download the "SmartThings Classic" app. A Samsung account is required before you can continue this tutorial.

If you don't have a Samsung account, follow my tutorial.

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If this is your first time setting up the SmartThings hub v3, follow my tutorial on how to set it up. If you don't have a location set up on your SmartThings hub, check out this tutorial. Click on "Settings". If you don't see this option, make sure you completed step 6.

This step is very important. After checking the box next to this file, tick the box next to "Publish" and then click "Execute Update". Now select the rest of the files, tick the "Publish" checkbox and click "Execute Update". Now click on "My Device Handlers". Tick the box next to the only file on this screen then click the "Publish" checkbox and "Execute Update" button.

Scroll down some and tap on the toggle switch "Allow webcore. Now create a password by entering it into the input field named "Choose a security password for your dashboard". Write down this password because you will need it to log in to webCoRE. Finally, tap "Next". If you have any devices connected to your SmartThings Hub that are considered actuators they will be listed here.

If you have any devices connected to your SmartThings Hub that are considered sensors they will be listed here. You'll see a message that says "Successfully added webCoRE" at the top of your screen. Now tap on "webCoRE". Submit this code within 3 minutes of starting step 45 or you will have to do that step over again. Enter the password you created from step 37 into the text field and click "Authenticate".

Refresh the page if you see a message saying "There was a problem loading your devices. The data shown below may be outdated; please refresh the page to try again". If you made it this far, congratulations you have successfully installed webCoRE. My name's Charles and I love how technology is making life easier and more convenient. I created this website to share everything I've learned about smart devices and show off cool ways to automate your life.

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Before we begin:. Connect the Kasa device to SmartThings:. Here we take HS as an example. Step 2. Step 3. Click on the icon according to the model number of your Kasa device. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. All done. Subscribe TP-Link takes your privacy seriously.

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How to Get Started with SmartThings webCoRE

Accept All Cookies Save Settings.Android Pie was released at the end of January. The behind-the-scenes improvement to battery life was amazing! I easily doubled the amount of time I could use my phone in a single day. The phone rarely got warm while sitting in my pocket. Everything seemed great. Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint wasted no time decrying the move as a publicity stunt. During the past nearly 3 months, I have noticed no improvements to my data speed. What I did notice, however, was that my precious battery life that had been drastically improved with the Android Pie update, was now diminished to the point where I could barely make it through a shift at work without needing a recharge.

I tried everything, short of resetting my phone back to factory defaults, to resolve my battery drain problem. I updated all my apps the Hail Mary of smart phone frustration. I wiped my cache partition. I performed software updates as they rolled out. I forced stopped apps. None of the normal battery drain remediation techniques seemed to work. Read More. So, you just finished installing a new Lutron switch. You set up the switch through the Lutron app and checked to make sure everything is working.

Now you want to control it using your Google Home smart speaker. But how? I think this makes sense in some ways, but not in others. It boasts a meager x resolution, which is more like what you would find in a digital photo frame. Otherwise, the resolution is good enough to watch videos on and to interact with the device.

The sound is great. You can still make and receive video calls using Duo.It works by allowing users to create scripts that are interpreted and executed by SmartThings to allow for complex decision making.

To make things simple, I have created a default piston that should help get your started. Simply use the import code cg3ry. If you use something like cast-api, Sonos or any other network connect speaker, you can now send your Google Assistant audio responses to specific devices.

In the below example, I am making a request to Assistant to tell me about my day. Assistant Relay saves the audio file and sends a URL to listen to it back in the response.

What you can then do is tell a speaker to play that URL from the response, and it will play the Google Assistant response. You can also play the audio response back using Assistant Relay Cast, by passing your Assistant Relay IP address and the audio response as a remote file to play.

Using Google Home with Your Connected Appliances

For more information, see Casting Media. Skip to main content Menu. Report an Issue GitHub. Assistant Relay. Versions Next 3. Version: 3. Importing a Piston To make things simple, I have created a default piston that should help get your started.

Simply use the import code cg3ry Handling Audio Responses If you use something like cast-api, Sonos or any other network connect speaker, you can now send your Google Assistant audio responses to specific devices.

Edit this page. Importing a Piston Handling Audio Responses.Are you referring a a Google Assistant integration voiceGoogle branded devices integration eg. Nest Thermostat, Camera, etcor devices which you have connected into your Google Home app? I want it all. I have Google assistant relay running at my pc. I have a lot of Nest Minis and I have a lot of devices connected to google home.

I would love to see google home devices on my Sharptools panel and I would go crazy if Sharptools could some how interact with assistant relay.

Google recently announced their devices API eg. C by GE bluetooth bulbs. Assistant relay just broadcasts any br messages that it gets. This was probably the thing that I was looking for. Ability to send commands to Google Home from Sharptools. That is why I asked if there is thoughts of integration between SharpTools and Google.

I would guess that if that could be possible then it would also mean that all devices paired with google home could be used in rule engine etc.

This is great point! That means that today device works but tomorrow it might not. I am not aware of a way to show the dashboard automatically after you ask GA to run a command, but am wondering if you can setup rules to notify you when alarm status is changed.

So you can be assured the alarm is changed after the command. What is the status of SharpTools and possible Google Home integration? Google Home Intergration.

I want it all I have Google assistant relay running at my pc. Hi. I'm thinking of setting Google Home to play music when I arrive home. I have a routine that does that whenever I say “Hey Google. Is it possible to connect Webcore in some way with Google Home / Mini. For example when open / close sensor on my mail box is opened Webcore. I just bought a samsung hub and I try to plan my house.

I was wondering was was the best practice to run a WebCoRE piston from a Google Home. I wonder what is the best / less latency practice to call a WebCoRE piston from a Google Home routine. Example: I have a routine in Google Home. bedenica.eu › play-custom-audio-through-google-home-speake. READING TIME: 7 MINUTES. In my last post, I walked you through how to add Google Home devices into SmartThings using WebCore and cast-web.

Have you ever wanted to make your Google devices speak when triggered by a SmartThings automation? Using the cast web api with webcore. If you use something like cast-api, Sonos or any other network connect speaker, you can now send your Google Assistant audio responses to specific devices. It's. You could, for example, say 'Hey Google I'm Home' and it'll set your thermostat to 72 degrees and turn on your TV. What happens if you want to. Connect your Google Cast devices to SmartThings.

Use your Cast devices in Routines, Scenes, webCore and any other compatible Smartapp. Access your webCoRE dashboard and use your device as a presence sensor in your SmartThings environment. Read more. Collapse. but when it gets to the custom command to activate a IFTTT command that then triggers my WebCore morning piston - Google Home/Assistant.

In this video we will go over how to add Google Home to Samsung SmartThings as smart devices so that Automation Gadgets Home Automation Samsung SmartThings. Checklists for students behavior is the status of SharpTools and possible Google Home integration?

You could either use a WebCoRE piston or Virtual HTTP Switch to. Pre-requisites · Smartthings hub (of course) · All device handlers & smartapps · Raspberry pi to act as the API interface · Webcore installed.

FAILED: clang++ -B/home/fischman/src/chromium/src/third_party/gold/ -MMD -MF obj/third_party/WebKit/Source/WebCore/bindings/v8/custom/webcore_remaining.

Much of WebCore's code was used for features that Google Chrome implemented differently such as sandboxing and the multi-process model. Web Vitals is an initiative by Google to provide unified guidance for quality analytics services (or your own in-house analytics tools). That prompted me on configuring a remote Wake-On-Lan (WOL) solution via the WebCORE app. (Refer to my previous post on WebCORE if you have not installed on.

WebCoRE) to send custom notifications to your Google Assistant Relay v2 server. You should now hear broadcasts to your Google Home when the selected.