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When the Nintendo Switch launched inplayers were given a choice of how they wanted to play with Nintendo's fledgling hybrid system. However, those who wanted a better gamepad experience than the Joy-Cons could offer needed to pick up the official Switch Pro Controller, which better emulated the traditional offerings from consoles like the Xbox One.

In the time since the system's launch, we've seen a few companies attempt to deliver a competent third-party experience, but to this point, most if not all have fallen short of Nintendo's first-party offering. One of those companies, PowerA, has pulled out all the stops, finally giving the first-party Switch Pro Controller a run for its money. This weighty controller sits nicely in your hands and features the standard button layout gamers have grown accustomed to with four primary face buttons, two shoulder buttons, two triggers, a d-pad, and offset analog sticks.

Unlike the first-party Switch Pro controller, the PowerA Fusion Pro features a textured grip, making it more comfortable to hold in your hands. To top it off, the controller features Bluetooth 5. Unfortunately, the Fusion Pro, like the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, only supports digital triggers not sensitive to varying degrees of pressure. In addition, the Fusion Pro does not support rumble in gameplay; if actually feeling the impact of the on-screen action in your hands is a big part of gaming for you, then perhaps this controller isn't for you.

However, the controller improves on several key areas that I didn't miss the rumble as much as I thought I would going in. The Fusion Pro also offers a ton of customization options. As with other modern premium controllers, you can swap out the analog sticks; if the standard-length, concave sticks aren't to your liking, you can equip longer sticks or even a convex stick to ensure the best feel on your thumbs. My personal loadout is to have a short concave stick on the left, a long concave stick on the right, a white faceplate, and no back paddles more on those later.

With third-party controller customization, the process can sometimes be a bit convoluted, requiring the use of special pack-in tools or even a screwdriver. The Fusion Pro lets you easily slide off the faceplate and then detach the stick you want to replace with limited fuss. Then, thanks to the fact that the sticks are attached under the faceplate, once you have the new face in place, the sticks are secure.

I can't tell you how many times I've knocked an analog stick off the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller since it just uses a strong magnet to keep the sticks in place, so I appreciate the security of the sticks on the Fusion Pro. Across several play sessions, I never even received a low-battery notification. After a couple weeks of use, I eventually plugged it in to allow it to charge before I woke up the next morning for another marathon gaming session. The company says a single charge can last 20 hours, and from my experience, that estimate might be a little on the low end.Note that often the best course of action is to contact Nintendo and open a ticket for repair.

However, some users have reported that other steps have helped them with temporary Joy-Con Drift issues. For other Nintendo Switch issues, be sure to check out the Problems and Troubleshooting page.

Joy-Con drift is when Joy-Con register input where there is none. This means your character, or a reticle, could move in a direction without your input. This problem was first reported early on in the Nintendo Switch's lifecycle.

Nintendo reacted with an official statement to the reports in July of and acknowledge the issue: "We are aware of recent reports that some Joy-Con controllers are not responding correctly. However, given that in some cases even a thorough clean doesn't fix the issue reliably, it is likely that the more permanent problem isn't merely caused by dust. Unfortunately isn't a "quick and easy" fix for the Joy-Con drift issue, but there are a number of ways to address the problem, whether it's a simple at-home trick, getting in touch with Nintendo directly, or cracking open your Joy-Cons for some DIY tinkering.

Since the issue is widespread, Nintendo actually offers to fix Joy-Con drift for free and has allegedly fixed the issue on newer Joy-Cons. This is currently the only "official" method of dealing with drift, though check below for some ways you can address the issue yourself. There is a catch, though. If you have one of the special color variants like the deeper red that shipped with the Mario Odyssey bundleNintendo may not be able to issue a replacement in that exact color should they not be able to repair it.

You can send in multiple Joy-con with one shipment. Again, the only downside is that Joy-con that can't be repaired may result in a replacement of a different color. It's possible that you just need to recalibrate your controller. This only works if it's a software or minor issue -- a physical defect can't be fixed through calibration. Here's how to do it. Joy-con firmware can be updated. Now, your Switch may prompt you to do that, but just in case, check in the Settings, Controllers menu for the "Update Controllers" option.

It takes only a few minutes and addresses some connectivity issues with earlier Joy-con. Sometimes, debris can get lodged underneath the thumbstick, causing some blockage. This is common across all controllers and can affect buttons and sticks.

You can then blast air right at the seam under the thumbstick to dislodge debris. Wipe it afterwards and check in the calibration menu whether that fixed your issue. Recently we found a DIY fix for Joy-Con drift that, after testing for ourselves, we can confirm lotto generator south africa to get rid of the issue - though it isn't an official fix by any means.

The first thing is to remove the four screws holding on the back-panel of the Joy-Con using the Y00 Screwdriver. Using your opening pick, gently lift up on the back panel to expose the battery and interior components.

Using your spudger, very gently lift up the battery connector from the socket and it should pop out of place. This might be the most stressful part, as the piece is very brittle and its wires are small.

This may be taped in place, so you may get some tension when lifting. This is where things start to differ with the right Joy-Con. Remove the antennae, remembering how it was initially placed in its socket. The right Joy-Con has two at the top and one at the bottom. Using your Philips 0 head - not the smallest one, but the second smallest one - unscrew them and lift the midframe gently out of the controller, being extra careful not to detach or damage the connected ribbons.

This is as far as you need to go in terms of taking the whole controller apart.Then press any other button on the controller to power it on again. If at all possible, test another Joy-Con with the console. Why is my wired Pro Controller not working?

The wired controller should be recognized immediately. Ensure your console has the latest system update. Ensure the Joy-Con have the latest controller firmware installed.

What to do

Remove any skins or covers from the problematic Joy-Con, if any, and calibrate the control sticks. Head into System Settings from the main menu and scroll down the left menu to Controllers and Sensors.

Scroll down the right menu to Update Controllers — press this to download the latest firmware, just in case. Repeat the process to update your Pro Controller. Ensure your console has the latest system update installed. Ensure the Pro Controller is paired to the console and that the battery is charged. If the problem is still occurring, try the following: Reset the Joy-Con. Activate and deactivate airplane mode momentarily.

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To fix Xbox One controller drift, you need to take the controller apart and repair or replace one or more components related to the analog sticks. Turn off your Xbox One fully by pressing and holding the power button on the front of the system for 10 seconds.

The cable could be worn out mimaland 2019 broken. Turn off and unplug your PS4. Locate the small reset button on the back of the controller near the L2 shoulder button.

If the light bar turns blue, the controller has paired. Note: The controller firmware can be updated while the controller is attached to the Nintendo Switch console or while it is connected wirelessly.

To update your PS5 controller, accept the update prompt that appears when you turn on the console. Ensure your Nintendo Switch console has the latest system update.

If none of the player LEDs light up, the Pro Controller is out of power and will need to be recharged. Then pair it to the console. If the recharge LED does not turn on at all, test the AC adapter by connecting it directly to the console.

Some are fixable, and others are up to fate. First of all, something as small as a speck of dust or a crumb could get in the way of the electrical current flowing. Other common stick drift causes include wear and tear as well as manufacturer error. Software glitch.This has caused rising speculation that the new controller and potentially Nintendo 64 games on Nintendo Switch Online will be revealed at the newly announced Nintendo Direct on September 23as it will air one day prior to the confidentiality agreement's end date.

The original story continues below. It seems plans are underway for a new Nintendo Switch controller according to a new FCC filing, but specific details can't yet be released.

Information about upcoming Nintendo hardware has been revealed in patent filings in the past, as this was how it was first discovered an SNES controller for the Switch was in development in - which in turn uncovered that SNES games would be brought to Nintendo Switch Online later the same year. For the first time since the Nintendo 64 era, Nintendo Switch controllers have been a source of controversy for the company since the console's launch.

The Joy-Con drift issue has been widely publicized and even resulted in lawsuits being filed against Nintendo. Frustration has grown over Nintendo's sustained lack of a solution for stick drift, especially as the upcoming OLED Switch uses the same Joy-Cons as the base model, suggesting they too can drift after purchase.

The Switch Pro Controller and the Switch Lite's analog joysticks can reportedly drift, too, potentially giving affected customers no respite from the defect. However, the listing provides little information beyond than the fact that it's for a video game controller. This is because there is a confidentiality agreement in place that's due to last for six months and will conclude on March 16, It's possible the patented controller design could be significantly different from the Nintendo Switch's currently available accessories.

If it were a minor upgrade to the Joy-Cons or Pro Controller, then there would likely be little need to make the documents confidential. After all, there are already patents for alternate Switch Joy-Cons out in the wild.

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The controller could be connected to a future hardware revision for the Switch, but the close proximity of the filing to the release of the Switch OLED suggests this may not be the case. Another plausible theory is that the controller is another wireless version of a Nintendo throwback, such as the iconic N or GameCube gamepads. If so, the new controller patent could have been filed be in preparation for those consoles' games to arrive Nintendo Switch Online sometime in the future.

It also bears mentioning the actual Nintendo Switch console isn't named anywhere in the filing. Nintendo is definitely the filing company, though, so it seems a foregone conclusion that it involves a Switch controller.

It's all up in the air at the moment, but the wait to find out the real reason for the filing won't be a long one, as Nintendo 's new controller will only remain secret until Spring Scott has been writing for Screen Rant since and regularly contributes to The Gamer. It turned out that wasting a childhood playing video games, reading comic books, and watching movies could be used for finding employment, regardless of what any career advisor might tell you. Scott now writes game reviews for Screen Rant and The Gamer, as well as news reports, opinion pieces, and game guides.

He can be contacted on LinkedIn. By Scott Baird Published Sep 16, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Game News nintendo.Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift is a constant issue that'll frustrate anybody with a Switch, as this is a very common problem - your thumb sticks responding to nothing and pushing in one direction. Fixes to that problem will always be important, but the actual cause can change depending on what the issue is, so not all fixes will always work. Still, it's worth giving them all a go before having to buy another new Joy-Con altogether, just in case you find a cheap, easy solution.

The key distinction is whether or not your own Joy-Con drift is caused by a physical issue or something else, as this'll change what fixes you need to use. Whichever the case, we've amassed all the best-known and most successful Joy-Con drift fixes just below, so you can definitely exhaust your options before having to splash out on replacement controllers.

Heading into the settings to update and recalibrate your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons should be your first port of call if you're experiencing Joy-Con drift. It's the simplest, least invasive option so it's always best to start here before you consider anything else.

With the controllers up to date you're ready to start calibrating, which is the option underneath Updating. It'll let you click to choose a stick, and then see the input the Switch is receiving from it. If something does look off, then you can pick the calibrate option. This will ask you to move the stick in certain directions on cue and rotate it, to try and re-centre it. Hopefully ironing out any kinks it might have developed. If this recalibration routine doesn't fix things then there are other things you can do, but they enter into warranty invalidating territory, and can cost some money.

So anything other than this is at your own risk. Just to reiterate - once you start pulling apart bits of your Switch there's a chance you could cause damage or make things worse, so you're doing this at your own risk if you proceed. If calibrating your Switch doesn't fix your Joy-Con drift issue, then the next option is to try and clean the contacts without opening anything up.

To do this you'll need professional switch and contact cleaner specifically designed for cleaning electronic components. Don't be tempted to try any old spray you have around the house - look specifically for the stuff made to clean electrical contacts. As well as the proper switch and contact cleaner you'll need a small tool, like a tiny screwdriver or tweezers. Push the affected Joy-Con stick back gently and, using the tool, lift up the tiny rubber skirt around the base so you can see under it.

Squirt the tiniest amount of cleaner into the gap you've made, release the rubber skirt and gently massage the stick in all the directions it can go in. Always use the least amount of cleaner possible, as you'll need to leave the Joy-Con to dry afterwards so you don't want it swimming in the stuff.

If you're lucky the cleaner will clear out any gunk and fluff from the contacts, and restore the Joy-Con to it's former, centred glory. Recently made famous by Youtuber VK's Channelthis method involves putting a small piece of paper or cardboard behind the Joy-Con Stick to stop it from being physically loose often a cause of drift. This isn't an option we're really going to go into, because unless you have skill with electronics it's not an easy task.

It is possible to crack open the Joy-Con and physically replace the affected stick, or even dismantle it and clean it directly, but as we said, it's definitely a pro move that we're just mentioning for information. If you're going to go down this route, make sure you do the proper research beforehand. I'm currently GamesRadar's guides coordinator, which means I've had a hand in producing or writing all of the guide and tips content on the site.

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There was a problem. Please refresh the page and try again.The issue is distinct from a calibration problem and is not resolved by wpf file picker a JoyCon.

The reports from players are too numerous to chalk up solely to these explanations, however. Kotaku notes that there are widespread reports of JoyCon drift all over multiple Switch gaming communities and tons of videos on YouTube that purport to show people how to resolve the problem. Kotaku notes that roughly a quarter of the Switch-owning staff have had issues with drift.

Nintendo Life states that nearly all of their employees have been impacted. Nintendo will honor a warranty on your Switch controllers, provided the device is in-warranty, but some buyers have been through multiple pairs of Switch controllers, most or all of which have shown signs of drift within weeks to months.

This kind of repetitive failure rate can be key to diagnosing whether an issue is really hitting users. According to Rainbopythonwho examined the JoyCons in a teardown, the issue is caused by wear and tear on the internals of the device, which leads to residue build-up inside the controller, which causes the drift. This can apparently be addressed to at least some degree with DIY repairs. The frequency of failure and the repetitiveness of it, however, may or may not be permanently fixable at-home.

No thanks. Having to ship a Switch Lite back to Nintendo for repair would be a far larger headache than switching to a Pro controller while the Switch JoyCons are off at Nintendo for repair. At the same time, however, two years is more than enough time to have diagnosed and fixed this issue and the high price of JoyCons means Nintendo has no excuse as far as continuing to ship the current designs. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.

Terms of use. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.In a nutshell: A new model for the Switch Pro Controller has been spotted in the wild.

Users were hopeful that a fix for the D-pad and analog stick drifting problem were fixed in the new version. Unfortunately, Spawn Wave dashed their hopes. Nintendo has received quite a bit of friction over its JoyCon controllers that suffer from a joystick drift problem. So much so that the company has had to institute a free repair program. Some users have even started using the Switch Pro Controller instead.

However, the Pro controller for the Switch is not without its faults. Users on Reddit have reported drift associated with the stand-alone gamepad as well as a supposed remedy for it. Some are speculating that Nintendo may have addressed this and other issues in a new Pro controller model that was recently spotted at Best Buy.

SIG, over at Reseteranotes that he spotted a model number — E — different from his current pad. The previous version was model number D. The change in model number could have been for any number of reasons, but a fix for its troubled analog sticks and D-pad are hopeful options.

Nintendo says new OLED Switch has ‘improved’ Joy-Cons — but drift still persists

The idea intrigued the guys over at Spawn Waveso they went out and bought one of the new models for a teardown. Spawn Wave reports above that it did not find anything drastically different in this new model. Other than some of the plastics, it seems to be the same. The change in the model number is more likely to be due to supply-line changes or something else unrelated to the internal components.

Image credit: Natsia27 via Shutterstock. Ubisoft deleted this user's account along with his games for inactivity to comply with GDPR. Load Comments 1. User Comments: 1. Recently commented stories Jump to forum mode. Add your comment to this article. You need to be a member to leave a comment. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. Already have an account? Login now. Simply cleaning, rather than replacing, those wheels and the inside of the joystick housing with rubbing alcohol did the trick very well for me.

bedenica.eu › guides › how-to-fix-a-drifting-nintendo-switch-pr. The reason the controllers get dusty and start drifting is because Nintendo used Graphite as conductor for the analog stick instead of. bedenica.eu › app › answers › detail › a_id › contro. The information in this article can help you when: One or both of the control sticks on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller feel sticky, hard to press. Analog joystick drift is more a direct result of poor quality joystick modules present on XB1, PS4 and Switch.

Software can mitigate it but not really "FIX" it. Joy-Con drift is an issue that Switch owners have been encountering over the last few months that causes the analog sticks on the controllers to. For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Switch Lite, can you use the Pro Controller?

Any analog drift?". The cause of drift in joy con's is not about dust, but loosened screws. Youtuber vk channel (if I remember the name right) finally came up with a fix. It can be. The Drifting problem in Nintendo Switch's Pro Controller & Joy Con usually occurs when there is some problem in the analog sticks. [EL3 for Switch Pro] – 4x Replacement analog joystick works with Nintendo Switch My controller had been working for about 8 months without drift from.

Sometimes, debris can get lodged underneath the thumbstick, causing some blockage. This is common across all controllers and can affect buttons. Had that recently and solved it without having to open the controller up. For my solution, it turns out whats making the analog stick drift is. Nintendo has made improvements to Switch's Joy-Con controllers, but analog stick wear and tear is inevitable, meaning drift could still. Cg conn serial numbers -- a game controller issue that affects analogue sticks -- has When I do, I play on the TV using the Switch Pro Controller I.

versions where the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller wouldn't get set up correctly and sometimes resulted in the joystick controls not. The company said it's continuing to improve on controller durability. as well as similar adjustments in Nintendo Switch Pro controllers. Controller drift may be most talked about on the Switch, but it can be a problem on any gaming controller with one or more analog sticks. This is a used original Nintendo switch pro controller with some drift issues (on both sticks) every now and then.

the screws have been stripped and not. 3D Analog Joystick Repair Kit for Nintend Switch Pro Controller Fixes Stick Drift Broken and Loose Joysticks on Regular Enjoy ✓Free Shipping Worldwide!