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Physics has a lot of mathematical concepts at play. Exceling in Maths, however, does not always mean that you will do well in Physics. If you are doing IB Physics HL or A-Level Physics, you will most likely need a tutor to help clarify concepts for you unless you are naturally giftedas some concepts in Physics simply sound so outlandish to mundane ears.

Many students in Hong Kong fail Physics simply they do not understand the concepts well enough and make wrong calculations. Our Physics tutorials or course come in handy with our highly experienced team of Physics tutors. All our Physics tutors lead small group or private tutorials, and students will be assigned a tutor who best cater to their learning needs.

Throughout his time being a tutor, he has not only helped students improve their grades by 1—2-mark bands, but also help them develop a genuine interest in the subject he teaches. His style of teaching revolves around explaining the concepts first and going over an example to enforce understanding and subsequently, they practice a blank past paper question to reinforce the knowledge. He also endeavours to teach by using unconventional methods, such as relating the concept to real-life examples, which allows for better understanding of the topic taught.

He believes that every student has the potential to do well in the subjects, irrespective of their background, as long as they have the right guidance and the required work ethic and he hopes to instil it into them when he tutors them. His students come from international schools and direct subsidy schools from all over Hong Kong.

Angus is Autoplay box apk liked for his teaching method, which breaks down complex concepts, and helped many struggling students understand course materials much better than before.

Physical Chemistry, University of Hong Kong. Chemistry, University of Hong Kong. Karina is a Hudson instructor in Maths and Chemistry. She has taught for many years at leading local Hong Kong schools in subjects of Chemistry, General Sciences and Maths. During her time at the University of Hong Kong, she was a teaching assistant for courses in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Physical and Environmental Chemistry and has helped countless students with understanding and resolving complex concepts.

Before joining Hudson, she was an Engineering at companies such as Philips among many others and specialized in the management of commercial design and material sourcing for electronic products. Sc Chemistry, Imperial College London. His teaching approach has helped many confused students clarify complex concepts and progress significantly. Alex Chu is an experienced full-time tutor of Mathematics and Sciences who always motivates students to get to their next level.

He has helped many students improve dramatically during his past years of tutoring. He is especially good at breaking down complex scientific concepts, explaining them in diagrams and also relating them to their uses in our daily lives.

Students have found his presentation dynamic. Many of his students turn form a D to a B with the right efforts in matter of months. Before tutoring, Alex has worked at the likes of Hewlett Packard and Dell in supervisory positions for many years and based himself in Beijing.We will explore the variables in the data set and note key points from it.

Mathematics D Notes Cambridge O Level Mathematics Syllabus D once 'Number cruncher Version' supports the improvement of scientific information as a key fundamental ability, and as a reason for further developed investigation. The phrase "y is a function of x" means that the value of y depends upon the value of A Level Edexcel All A level questions arranged by topic. You can find more detailed A-Level Mathematics revision resources on revisionmaths.

The text- Divergence of a Vector Field.

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Decision Maths. Therefore, a need was arisen to provide a competency based syllabus for Combined Mathematics at G. Mathematics pure 1 circular measure email:racsostudenthelp gmail. Subject Code: Maths Made Easy is here to help you prepare effectively for your A Level maths exams.

Cambridge International A Level Mathematics develops a set of transferable skills. It involves techniques and applications. Change of Sign - Decimal Search. Roots of Polynomials. However, its duration is different for each individual. We will look at: Worked solutions for some A-level maths past year examinations. Evaluate each of the following.

All resources are free. I have collected these notes from various websites. Maths a level s1. Here you will find a quick summary with links to the various examination boards, tutorials and maths past papers. All the notes that I found useful are here.

Pure Maths. Mathematics series.I was awarded a "Teacher Training Scholarship" by the Institute of Physics in to teach Physics at secondary level; 1 of only awarded in the UK. For this I had to demonstrate the necessary teacher qualities, including an excellent knowledge of Physics, and the ability to effectively communicate scientific concepts to a diverse group of people.

I am well experienced in the main exam boards, AQA, Edexcel, OCR, and have a track record references available of major improvement in student exam grade levels, helping many students achieve the required grades for University entry. My ultimate goal for any student is to make real and noticeable progress in their subject. Different students learn differently and it's important for me to identify their own unique learning style, not only to maximise their learning but to inspire and motivate them to learn.

I endeavour to make learning both informative and enjoyable. I have tutored people of all ages for well over 10 years both to children at secondary school level and also to adults who wish to extend their knowledge in the subject areas that I teach. North London, 10 mile radius from Southgate, Enfield, if in-person. As I now provide online tutoring I can tutor people from all over the UK, even worldwide, as I am not restricted to a specific location.

Work hard, enjoy your learning experience and it will reward you in your future endeavours. Do not ever get discouraged by any challenges posed by the courses you are studying, take a calm approach and break down any challenging problem that seems overwhelming into a collection of smaller ones that you can handle, and remember I am also here to help.English for Kids. English Reading for age 4 - 6. Spoken English for age 7 - Term 2 Course. Grade JEE Crash.

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Ever since your child started learning physics and maths, you might have been searching best physics and maths tutor for him. In fact, it is quite obvious for these reasons:. So, hiring a physics and maths tutor can be actually valuable. Though physics subject is highly interesting, students get stuck up quotation wallpaper download solving numerical-based problems.

This could be due to the numerous formulae which they should remember or sometimes the topic seems extremely difficult.

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When students find a physics tutorthey also get help in improvement of maths skills. Here comes a twin advantage for them. Learning maths extra alongside physics helps to progress in physics as well as students do much better in maths subject. It becomes difficult to find a suitable physics tutor when you do not know the actual cost you should pay for a physics tuition.

Read the information given here completely to understand how to find a physics and maths tutor as per your budget. When it comes to choosing a physics and maths tutor, there are a few general rules of thumb to go by:. The more experienced and qualified the instructor, the more expensive they are likely to be.

A tutor that has a PhD in physics or is a university lecturer in the subject is much more likely to charge a higher rate for tuition than a student that is currently studying towards a physics or maths degree or has an undergraduate degree in the subject. Tutors usually have different areas of expertise.

Getting a tutor that has had experience helping other students in a similar position to you can be very useful. The more specific your tuition requirements, the higher your tuition costs may be. The length of tuition could influence how much you pay.

It depends on the tutor, but generally speaking, the longer your tuition lasts, the more you can expect to pay. However, bear in mind that your physics and maths tutor may also charge more for particularly intensive blocks of tuition, for example in the run-up to exams. You should have an idea of your budget before hiring a physics tutor. This should help both parties start tuition on the best foot, and hopefully will set lessons up to continue for as long as they need to.

Generally speaking, physics tutors tend to charge by the hour. Although rates for tutors may vary for a variety of factors, some of which have been outlined above, on average you may expect to pay between INR and INR for an hour of physics tuition.

Ideally, you should have an awareness of what you can afford to pay for tuition before hiring a tutor, and using the above range as a guideline may help you understand whether you have the funds to pay for a tutor. Having said the above, there are ways that you can save on tuition and bring costs down, which is perfect for anyone on a tight budget or looking to get the best value tutor for their money. There are lots of different ways you might be able to save money on your tuition lessons, such as:.

The price a tutor charges can be influenced by where that tutor is located.

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For example, the average hourly cost of a tutor is likely to be higher in a city such as London compared to somewhere more rural, due to the higher cost of living. Anyone looking to save some money on their tuition costs may also want to consider choosing group tuition over other tuition methods.

This is because, with group workshops, the cost of the tuition session can be split between the attendees, which can lead to cheaper lessons overall. If you know of other people in your physics or maths classes who are interested in tutoring, then you should be able to find people willing to attend a group lesson without too much difficulty.

More than one physics and maths tutor offers group lessons, often at a discount! Having fewer lessons with a physics and maths tutor can help you to save money on tuition costs.Maths questions often start with the command words 'calculate' or 'determine'.

They will then have a blank space for you to show your working. It is important that you show your working, don't just write the answer down. You might earn marks for your working even if you get the answer incorrect.

Some maths questions might ask you to 'show that' something is true. These questions often require you to prove something mathematically. For example, you might have to calculate two values and then compare them. In some maths questions you will be required to give the units. This may earn you an additional mark. Don't forget to check whether you need to do this. Maths questions might include graphs and tables as well as calculations.

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Don't forget to take a ruler and calculator. If drawing graphs, make sure you:. If you are asked to calculate an answer and it has lots of significant figures, you should try to round it to the same number of significant figures you were given in the data in the question. Don't forget to check your rounding. Edexcel questions courtesy of Pearson Education Ltd. A car accelerates at a constant rate of 1. The force acting on the car is 1. Give your answer to three significant figures.

The car accelerates from rest for 16 s. Recall an equation linking acceleration, force and mass. Remember to convert kN into N and give your answer to three significant figures, with the correct unit.

Recall an equation linking velocity, acceleration and time. A car starts on a journey. The graph shows the graph of the car's movement. Show that the distance travelled when the car is moving at a constant speed is greater than the distance travelled when the car is slowing down. Calculate area under section CD: 0. In a velocity-time graph the distance travelled is given by the area under the line. The constant speed section is between A and B.

This shape is a rectangle.My son was failing Algebra on all levels. He began working with one of the VT 1 on 1 a month ago. Varsity Tutors really helped me understand the concepts during my Calculus 2 class. My tutor has such amazing patience and is open to many questions! Lastly, was always on time and very prompt. Highly suggest Varsity Tutors. Our tutor has helped my middle schoolers math grades come up from a D to an A for our 8th grader.

I'm beyond pleased with how she connected with my boys. And your next session will be free of charge. I have been tutoring math, science, and test preparation for 4 years for students of all ages. I am strongest in high level math, which is my favorite subject to tutor as well. My teaching style involves guiding the student through exercises instead of just showing them how to complete them. This way, they are more engaged in the tutoring session and are able to get more I find out about the student I am tutoring and the subject matter.

I believe in meeting the student at his or her level of understanding and proceed to help in the explanation of physical concepts and use practical examples.

I often teach the student how to decode and understand word problems in math and physics To help them achieve their dreams, I started my own six-week ACT prep program after school, free and open to everyone regardless of background or socioeconomic status. I ran this program for two years, working with over students personally in the process. The program is now in its fourth year, and is currently run by my former Although they may get good grades, this will be useless later in life.

In my teaching experience, when students actually learn the concepts and logic, not only does their math vastly improve, but they also learn to enjoy math, which is the ultimate goal. My qualifications include excelling at all high school math competitions including finishing second at the Colorado Math Olympiad.

I also graduated from MIT at I set up the Chemistry labs and introduced 19 new experiments for undergraduate research in chemistry.

Hi guys, Today I came to use the website for revision and I can't seem to access it at all, have they moved to a new address? Revise GCSE/IGCSEs and A-levels! Past papers, exam questions by topic, revision notes, worksheets and solution banks. Yeah I saw a post before about it and it's down at the moment. › › Tutor/Teacher › Physics and Maths Tutor. I teach students about matter and energy, and how the two interact.

My job is to discuss things 14 Southwick Close, East Grinstead, RH19 2EZ, United. Creator of the Physics & Maths Tutor website, manager of @PMTEducation. Math tutor available online for help with lessons, assignments, concepts and exam preparation masud rana 462 cool tips and tricks.

Learn math, physics and chemistry. 9 parent-rated Maths tutors in County Down. Our tutors cover all levels: Primary, Secondary, GCSE, A-level & Degree. Get the free physicsandmathstutor form Fill maths physics tutor past papers: Try Risk Free Keywords relevant to physics andmathstutor form. Welcome to the MSTRC. We offer peer tutoring and workshops to help you succeed in your math, science and engineering courses. Scroll down to learn more. Coursework, tutoring, exam prep for maths and physics getting you down?

Message me for a price £$€! •PAYPAL🔵 NO FREE SERVICE!!! No exceptions. - Movement of a substance against its concentration gradient is coupled with the movement of another substance down its concentration/ electrochemical gradient.

Find a gcse maths tutor in County Down on Gumtree, the #1 site for Academic Tuition & Classes classifieds ads in the UK. Christian's Tutor Hunt Profile Page. Christian teaches GCSE Maths, Key Stage 3 Maths, A-Level Maths, Key Stage 3 Physics, A-Level Physics and GCSE Physics. Maths Tutor. Mark Buckland. Tutor - Business Studies and Legal Studies. Anthea Nguyen. Maths Tutor. Alexander Southall. English, Math and Physics Tutor.

Learnmate is Australia's leading tutoring platform connecting SACE Physics tutors to students. Get connected instantly to a tutor near you today. 10£/h: I base my classes on making maths fun and interesting not repetitive. Maths tutor available up to GCSE level in Newtownards Co Down N Ireland. Mr Espen Lim has been providing A Level Physics and Mathematics tuition for more in tutoring Physics and Maths and has mastered the art of breaking down. + video lessons in Math, Algebra, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Statistics.

+ hours of step-by-step instruction. Features. C2 Solomon Worksheets - Physics & Maths Tutor Physics Paper, Maths Paper, Physics Revision. Visit. Save. Article from.