Macbook stuck on loading screen after login

Special offer. See more information about Outbyte and uninstall instructions. A few months ago, macOS Mojave gets launched to the delight of many Mac users. It comes with an interface overhaul that needs to be initiated by the user, involving the popular Dark Mode. New features also include the Desktop Stacks, the reinvented Finder, and the new Gallery view, to name a few. One issue that keeps bugging a number of users is when their MacBook Pro randomly goes back to the login screen.

A user updates his MacBook Pro to Mojave the previous day. After the installation process, he clicks on a user and tries to log in. Within just 30 seconds, the screen flickers, taking him back to the login screen.

The glitch happens for all accounts on his machine. He has tried repairing the disk as well as exhausting all other repair processes. But the error manages to persist on his laptop, which admittedly is an old one but should still work fairly well.

Pro Tip: Scan your Mac for performance issues, junk files, harmful apps, and security threats that can cause system issues or slow performance. In other cases, the Mac keeps going to sleep or login screen multiple times a day even though the user is working on it and either browsing or typing.

This often happens shortly after the user has logged in for a few minutes. For instance, the user logs in in the morning to start work and a few seconds later, the screen is locked out. When the user tries to log back in, he is again locked out after a few seconds. In some cases, the screensaver randomly turns on without any notice. Tapping the touch ID usually toggles between the screensaver and the login screen, but doing so does not unlock the computer.

What to Do If Your Macbook Pro Screen Goes Black and Unresponsive

Even if the password has been typed in, the computer will just go from the login screen back to the screensaver. This has caused endless frustration to the affected users and there are very few references to this issue online. One possible reason why your Mac locks the screen automatically is that you have set up a Hot Corner that quickly activates the screen saver when you leave your computer. Click on Screen Saverand then choose Hot Corners.

If your Energy Saver feature is not set up properly, it can cause your Mac to go to sleep randomly. Adjust one or more of the following settings when your Mac goes to sleep.

Part 1. How To Fix MacBook Stuck On Login Screen

Keep in mind that some of these controls might not be available on your Mac. You also need to make sure that there are no magnets near your Mac because magnets can interfere with your operating system and put it to sleep. The difficulty here is that there appears to be no clear pattern or trigger for the misbehavior. The computer seems to return to login screen randomly and without any exact reason to do so, other than it happens following a Mojave update. It is recommended that you check how full your hard drive is, as you may already be using up your RAM.

As a result, your hard drive may have insufficient space to create enough virtual memory. Make sure, too, that your laptop is not overheating. This can happen while you are playing videos, gaming, or working on intensive processes for a long period of time. Rule out this reason for why your laptop is crashing and randomly returning to the login screen.The iPhone is an incredibly stable mobile device, but many reasons can cause it to crash out on you.

Buggy iOS releases, outdated third-party apps, and corrupt system settings are just a few of them. When your iPhone crashes, you might see a black screen with a spinning circle as the system software attempts to recover itself. A force-restart should fix an iPhone when it gets stuck on a black screen with a loading circle. That prompts the device to reboot automatically regardless of the state of the system software.

You can trigger a force-restart by pressing or holding down a sequence or set of buttons that change depending on the iPhone model. In most cases, force restarting an iPhone is a sure-fire way to get rid of the black screen with a loading circle issue. It can also fix other problems, such as an iPhone stuck at the Apple logo or an iPhone displaying a white screen. After performing a force-restart, your iPhone should—hopefully—load iOS without issues.

You can then enter your device passcode to access the Home screen. Immediately press and hold the Side button. Then, release it as soon as you see the Apple logo on the screen. If you use an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, hold down the Volume Down and Side buttons at the same time and release them when you see the Apple logo on the screen. To fix that, you must reinstall or reset iOS in Recovery Mode.

Perform the force-restart button presses for your iPhone model, but keep holding the button or buttons even after seeing the Apple logo.

How to Fix a Mac Stuck on a White Screen

Once you enter Recovery Mode, you have two options—update iOS or restore it to factory settings. When you opt for Recovery Mode, the iPhone reinstalls the latest version of iOS without losing your data.

You must give that a shot first. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall iOS. Restoring an iPhone in Recovery Mode resets the device to factory settings. You must only restore your iPhone if updating iOS fails to fix the black screen with the loading circle issue. You must only use it if Recovery Mode fails to resolve the black screen with the loading circle issue.

Select Restore iPhone, and your Mac or PC will automatically download and install the latest version of iOS, including the device firmware. If force-restarting your iPhone or updating it in Recovery Mode helped, the pointers below should minimize the chances of the same issue occurring again. New iOS updates come with numerous stability fixes and enhancements. If using third-party apps causes the iPhone to crash and get stuck, try applying the latest app updates.

Great stuff spray foam gun parts you use a beta version of iOS, you must expect frequent system software crashes. Do yourself a favor by downgrading to the stable channel. Resetting the settings on your iPhone helps you deal with any corrupt configurations behind the black haystak discography download with a spinning circle issue.

If your iPhone continues to get stuck after crashing, you must reset the device to factory settings. You can restore your data using a backup after that. Make sure to go through the pointers above to prevent it from becoming a recurrent problem. However, if none of the fixes helped, you must take your iPhone to a Genius Bar or Apple Store for assistance. Dilum Senevirathne is a freelance tech writer and blogger with three years of experience writing for online technology publications.

When he isn't hammering away at his Magic Keyboard, you can catch him binge-watching productivity hacks on YouTube. Read Dilum's Full Bio. We hate spam too, unsubscribe at any time. Table of Contents.It's a really weird story.

I have a 16 inch MacBook Pro from the last non Apple silicon generation. Despite the guarantee for compatibility, some MacBook Pro users with and models realized that their devices were bricked after installing the macOS Big Sur update. When he left he simpl.

Apple has released an update -- macOS Run the Mi Flash Tool Exe file on your desktop. Report Save. Original poster. Let us know in the comments section below! Well this is odd, I still had access to recovery mode, so I was able to restore my mac through a time machine backup. It crashed during the installation so after a few hours of doing nothing I Comment. Catalina update left many Macs unusable and un-repairable without physical access to the logic board.

Apple's MacBook Pro has two fans, but the M1 Pro and even M1 Max are so power-efficient that they are rarely used even with a heavy workload. Thus I can conclude that the Asus charger is not bricked.

Question Macbook Air Throttling when battery half empty: Apple Laptops and Desktops: 0: Nov 8, T: Question Macbook pro wont turn on no matter what: Apple Laptops and Desktops: 0: Feb 20, T: Question Macbook Pro wont turn on without the battery and plugged into the wall: Apple Laptops and Desktops: 1: Feb 17, Users of certain older Macs, on the other hand, reported that the update bricked their machines, preventing them from turning on.

I was enjoying it so much, what a incredible computer. One for All. MacOS Monterrey completely bricked my new work Macbook. The second you commit to updating, it freezes the machine and forces a hard reset. Just plug it in and forget about it. Hey, me too. All sounds great, right? If this sounds oddly familiar, it may be because last year, with the launch of macOS Big Sur, similar reports surfaced about that update bricking older MacBook Pro models. Those machines are among the best Mac notebooks ever made and we can only imagine what Apple silicon we will see in the future.

Archive View Return to standard view. Apple, in a statement has said that a critical bug within macOS Monterey which rendered MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pros with the T2 chip to not boot or soft-bricked, has now been fixed.

The screen will temporarily go dark as the iPhone shuts down and reboots. Macbook Pro 15" A 5. Also, users reports problems with … The installation of macOS Big Sur fails on some MacBook Pro computers with a black screen, with devices thus ending up completely bricked and unable to … The fix will be no good for a machine that bricked when attempting to install macOS 12, though.

Thus I can conclude that the Asus Rog 5s Pro phone ports are not faulty. I have also seen reports of other ppl have the same problem. Thanks for visiting Consumerist. I reset the SMC a few times, first, it was successful. According to user reports, the MacBook gets stuck on a black screen during or after the update process.

My new M1 MBP got bricked a couple of days ago, I woke up and took the power cable out of the computer and it just wouldn't start, it just made som weird clicking noise from inside the computer. Posted by snare on 25 June Twitter is also abuzz with such reports.

My wife got the old MacBook Pro of her dad so she can work on it. Model is a Posted by 1 day ago.So the verdict is, Windows 10 is being stupid. Microsoft says there are about million Windows 10 devices and that the April Update will take 10 to 30 minutes to install. Open Windows. Linux mint live USB boots just fine. It happens almost everytime I join a match. I have a Windows 10 PC build 20H2.

You can try these, and start playing normally. Hi there, I've had this issue for the past few weeks. One night i was using my laptop just fine then the next morning windows wouldn't load after the Dell logo. Updated: August 25, by Anubhab Chakraborty Leave a Comment Managing the files on your computer can be much easier if you put different types of files in different partitions.

Show activity on this post. Welcome to the King Community. As a result, Windows cannot finish the set-up and results in a system reboot.

We could compare the difference between the setupact. Usually, after a motherboard change, a Clean Install Windows 7 is needed.

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Here is a picture on Windows 10 factory reset black screen: Usually, resetting this PC will take a few minutes; you can wait patiently. Until you take away its ability to continue trying the update, hence the no WiFi, then it Jan 9, You found the solution?

The Vantage app is perpetually stuck at the loading splash screen. It'll show starting windows, but not even the logo would come. The pc I have is powerful enough to run the game with ease. When you try to update or configure Windows updates, sometimes it malfunctions and you are faced with errors such as the Windows updates getting stuck. It just stays there. I already tried all of those solutions.Well, you are not alone.

When your MacBook is stuck on the Apple logo screen, a common cause is a corrupted operating system. It may be due to improper shutdowns or buggy applications on your computer.

Aside from this, a faulty battery can also cause corruption in your file system. To avoid this from happening again, you need to replace your battery. Having a healthy battery means you have enough time to shut down or plug in your MacBook. Our guide for today includes methods that will fix the issue on the software level. After that, determine if you indeed have a hardware failure that will require manual inspection.

This issue happens when the computer, such as your MacBook, is booting up from the wrong device. These devices are your external hard drive or flash disks. To fix the issue, you need to launch the start-up manager and choose the correct drive to boot.

To launch it, press the Power button and Option key on your keyboard until you see the start-up manager. You will then see a list of devices which you can boot.

Make sure you choose the system hard drive of your MacBook so it will launch the start-up. You may have external devices attached to your MacBook that is causing a conflict. But before you remove them, make sure you shut down your MacBook first. This is to avoid further corruption of your system file or hardware damages. Now, remove external devices like mouse, keyboard, flash drive, and network cable. If you have all other devices that are not essential for starting up your MacBook, remove them as well.

Then, power on your computer again and check if you are still having the same issue. If it works, try to test each device and see which one is causing the problem. There is a chance that your charger is faulty and needs replacement. If this does happen, then we recommend that you have an Apple-certified technician verify it for replacement. If this cached data is corrupted, you will not be able to load your operating system correctly.

To fix this, you will need to reset it to default values to restore it to a healthy state. After you cleared the cached data settings, it should have removed the corrupted data files causing the issue.

You should be able to start-up your operating system successfully on your MacBook. This feature is responsible for handling the low-level functions of your Mac such as display, battery and LED indicators.

To make sure that the issue is not caused by malfunctions on the SMC level, you need to reset it as well. After restoring your SMC to default values, you should be able to antarvasna badi gand wali aurat ki chudai the correct display during start-up.Your Mac shows an Apple logo when it finds your local startup disk, then shows a progress bar as the macOS startup or installation process continues.

Your Mac shows an Apple logo when it finds your startup disk, which is usually the disk built into your Mac. As startup continues, you should see a progress bar, with or without the Apple logo. This screen might alternate with a blank screen several times. If you're installing macOS, the Apple logo or progress bar might persist for much longer than usual. As installation continues, the progress bar might move slowly and pause for long periods.

That's why Apple recommends beginning macOS installation in the evening—so that it can complete overnight, if needed. If you think you've waited long enough to know that your Mac is stuck on this screen, follow these steps.

If your Mac starts up to an Apple logo or progress bar Your Mac shows an Apple logo when it finds your local startup disk, then shows a progress bar as the macOS startup or installation process continues. If your Mac is stuck on this screen If you think you've waited long enough to know that your Mac is stuck on this screen, follow these steps. Press and hold the power button on your Mac for up to 10 seconds, until your Mac turns off.

Then turn your Mac back on. If the issue persists, press and hold the power button until your Mac turns off. Then unplug all accessories from your Mac, including printers, drives, USB hubs, and other nonessential devices. You could have an issue with one or more of those devices or their cables. If the issue persists, once again press and hold the power button until your Mac turns off.

Then use Disk Utility to repair your startup disk. If Disk Utility found no errors, reinstall macOS. If Disk Utility found errors and repaired them, restart your Mac. If the issue returns after restarting, reinstall macOS. If you still need help, please contact Apple Support.

Published Date: July 16, Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is Start a discussion in Apple Support Communities.

Ask other users about this article Ask other users about this article.Does your PC show you a black screen, a never-ending rotating circle, or just a Windows logo when you try to boot up? Then, learn how to keep your PC in top shape with an automated maintenance tool. Get it for AndroidMac. Get it for MacAndroid. It could be anything! Seeing a black screen before login? Or after login?

Or how about a black screen with only a cursor? The possible causes of a black screen could be:. A Windows update gone wrong recent updates as well as the Windows 10 upgrade have caused issues. Note that the solutions look very different depending on whether the black screen happens before you see the login screen or after. Or, jump down to solutions for a black screen after logging in. One of the best tools for this is AVG TuneUpwhich can turn off all non-essential applications and put them to sleep.

Cables break. Constantly plugging in connectors wears them out over time. To check whether your cable is somehow affected, try a different video cable e. Your display could be defective or set to the wrong source, which can also lead to a black screen. Try connecting to a different display if you have one. Or move from your monitor to TV or vice versa. The issue could also be a mismatch of monitor and resolution.

Perhaps some plugged in hard disk, Wi-Fi antenna, or your VR headset is causing an issue during boot. Try eliminating all these factors and removing everything not directly necessary for your PC to work. Just leave your monitor, mouse, and keyboard plugged in. On a big desktop computer, try removing all unnecessary components, such as sound cards, or switch out the graphics card and upgrade your RAM.

Hit that repeatedly right after pressing the power button. Try finding an entry that says Load defaults or Optimized defaults or something similar. Question: Q: Mac stuck on loading screen after logging in · Shutdown the computer, wait 30 seconds, restart the computer. · Disconnect all third. › en-us. If your Mac is stuck on this screen · Press and hold the power button on your Mac for up to 10 seconds, until your Mac turns off.

· If the issue. Shut down your Mac, then start it over. Immediately press and hold Option, Command, P, and R. Then you can release the keys in about 20 seconds. Solution 2: Boot your Mac in Safe Mode · 1. Completely shut down your Mac and wait 10 seconds around. · 2. Press and hold the power button. 1. Force shut down the Mac that is frozen on loading screen.

· 2.

Macbook stuck at login screen

Press Shift + Control + Option on your keyboard and press the power button at the same time. · 3. MacBook Pro Stuck on Login Screen - Fix It with Easy Ways · Switch off your Mac · Switch off your Mac. · Switch on your MacBook normally · Switch. Hold Cmd + R then press the Power button to turn on the machine.

Continue holding Cmd + R until you see the loading bar. It should load into the Recovery Menu. › how-to › macbook-stuck-on-loading-screen. How to fix a Mac stuck on the loading screen? ; Shut the Mac down, usually by pressing the power button; Now press the Shift, Control, Option.

Hold down the Shift + Control + Option key. At the same time, press and hold down the power button. Hold down all of them for 10 seconds. Re-plug the Mac in and. 1. Reset your Mac's SMC · After shutting down the MacBook, press Shift, Control, Option keys on the keyboard; · And then, the Power button for How to Fix MacBook Pro Stuck on Loading Screen?

· 1. Disconnect the peripherals & restart your Mac · 2. Reboot into Safe Mode · 3. Reset Mac SMC · 4. Part 1. How To Fix MacBook Stuck On Login Screen · Solution 1: Make A New User Account Via Single User Mode · Solution 2: Reset The SMC And PRAM.

hold the cmd-option P and R down immediately after it starts rebooting before there is anything on the screen that will reset the parameter ram. “PRAM.” Keep. How to fix Mac stuck on loading screen progress bar? · 1. Press and hold Power button for a few minutes till Mac turns off.

· 2. Wait a few. Solutions to fix Mac stuck on login screen issue · Start your MacBook normally. · On the Login page, enter the admin account and password, but DON. iMac/MacBook stuck on loading screen can also happen when you install or After that, you can press the Power button again to boot your. When you see that your MacBook Pro is stuck on the loading screen, you cannot shut it down from the Apple menu. All you can do is press the power button for a. If you cannot get passed the loading screen after this, you can try a very similar process resetting the PRAM.

Reset the PRAM. Shut down your Mac. Restart your.