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This search is sponsored by Bovet Bronze is fiercely on-trend, and is becoming an increasingly familiar sight on watches. Aim: to produce a timepiece that mellows and ages over time, in tandem with its owner, making each watch a unique object. WorldTempus decided to check out the whole concept with the help of the Anonimo Nautilo.

And, to get even more technical, bronze is not a single alloy but a potentially infinite variety of alloys, depending on the proportion of different elements they contain. Within this recipe, copper, being the most prevalent element, changes the most and has the greatest impact on the appearance of the watch. Its main oxidising agent is salt — present on the surface of the skin or, in the case of diving watches, the sea.

The Anonimo Nautilo, built for exploring the ocean depths, falls in the latter category. This watch has a diameter of well over 45 mm, which offers the advantage of perfect legibility. Its uncluttered face makes it relatively unostentatious, but it has all the diving essentials: unidirectional bezel, generous luminescent indices for visibility in the murky ocean, rubber strap, solid screw-down caseback and water resistance to metres.

The watch is driven by an can you mix nido with milk Sellita SW movement. In addition to noting these technical specifications, our team tested the oxidisation process of the bronze case.

Over the course of 15 days, the watch was subjected to the salt spray and sandy shores of the Indian Ocean. Shop now. Over 15 days of continuous wear, without rinsing, the watch very swiftly showed signs of accelerated aging. In less than four days the bezel started to lose its shine, and then began to tarnish. The case band soon followed suit. Exposed to ocean spray, the case also started to show some corrosion, which attacked the bronze and produced some blackening.

The effect was surprising but not unwelcome. This is something that, under normal conditions, would have taken months or even years of testing to check. However, even if bronze takes a lifetime to develop its patina, the Swiss watch industry is such that you can always find an excuse to have two or three, so that you can measure the comparative effects of time! Discover Anonimo e-shop. Born in Italy, crafted in Switzerland. Stay on top of all watchmaking news! Search in : Articles Watches Brands Shops.

Anonimo Real-life test: the Nautilo Bronze is fiercely on-trend, and is becoming an increasingly familiar sight on watches. Bronze or bronzes? Sized for the deep This watch has a diameter of well over 45 mm, which offers the advantage of perfect legibility. Shop now 15 days in Bali Over 15 days of continuous wear, without rinsing, the watch very swiftly showed signs of accelerated aging.Inan era in which the digital watch was still king, Federico Massacesi sought to launch a business that would leverage, pay homage to, and develop the watchmaking traditions of Florence, Italy.

The watches would be entirely mechanical and they would be beautiful — the ultimate tribute to the union of form and function that had made Florence such an icon of the early watchmaking scene. Crafted with a fully automatic movement, the deceptively simple design was designed to military standards and waterproof to 1, meters.

It would set the standard for all Anonimo timepieces to come. As ANONIMO discovered which of its features most ignited the interest of aficionados, and professional divers, more and more focus was put towards the militaristic aspects of its timepieces. Following a collaboration with Colonel Dr.

Dino Zei, Italian ex-navy officer and former CEO of Panerai, the Militare and its successors — the Nautilo and Polluce — soon became favorites of both the military and the diving fraternity. The watches were both beautiful and robust. While horology buffs will know the story of the hunters who created the Gefica Safari — the first bronze-cased watch — in the s, the beauty of bronze was slow to catch the attention of the public. Released inthe first Anonimo bronze diving watch played upon the true changeability of the alloy.

Not only does the material look astonishing, but, as seafarers through the ages will attest, it holds astonishing properties: it tarnishes but never degrades, even when exposed to salty water, making it ideal for products used at sea — including diving watches. While other manufacturers held back, unsure of the aesthetic appeal of, and consumer demand for, bronze — and hesitated over the viability of the alloy being used for jewelry Would it cause allergies when worn against the skin for prolonged periods?

Success is often marked by the ways in which your competitors view you, and in business the greatest form of flattery is a takeover bid. InAnonimo was taken over by European investors and moved to Switzerland.

While some thought that this would spell the end of what had been a beautiful independent success story, the brand simply did what had made it a triumph in the first place: it listened to what people wanted, it evolved, and it innovated. Still independent, Anonimo SA moved on to create a series of watches that would change with their wearers.

There were still several bronze watches within the collection, each one a shining example of what can be achieved when craftsmanship is given free rein. Today Anonimo is nothing if not a success story. Hand-finished, finely detailed, yet durable, Anonimo watches are made to last.

This is what appeals to the watch-buying public. The company now has a global presence, retailing in more than 15 countries across all continents and will likely see that coverage grow in the coming years. The year marks not only the platinum or china, for the traditionalists anniversary of Anonimo but also ushers in a new face for the collection.

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Both are top brands with a rich history and remarkable innovations that […]. This is an interesting comparison as Seiko and Hamilton cannot be more different when it comes to their watch designs and constructions. This article will give a clearer picture of how each brand compares to one another regarding their watch construction and design. Seiko is a more prominent brand and certainly earns its reputation as one […]. Limited Edition. Trilobe Nuit Fantastique ».

Visit Our Store In. Florida ». King Seiko. In contrast to the gentle rounded contours of the first King Seiko creation, the KSK case was strikingly sharp and angular and had a contemporary feel. Its flat surfaces and multi-faceted corners caught the light from any angle and gave the watch a new and striking brilliance. The case's durability is also enhanced by the super-hard coating which protects the watch from scratches.

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From Italy to Switzerland, Anonimo makes a name

Courtesy of Aonimo Inevitably, this was going to be personal, and in many ways it is a review I have been wanting to do since To give you a brief stroll down memory lane, I was a freshly minted watch sales guy at a newly christened Tourneau in San Francisco. Like many enthusiasts suddenly entrusted to impart knowledge to the "great unwashed" I quickly became "that guy". The one constantly offering feedback when quite frankly the feedback wasn't requested or wanted ; But I did have one very serious, somewhat dramatic blind spot, and that was Anonimo.

Now remember, this was and Panerai was scalding-hot. Probably every fourth customer who walked through the door wanted one. Also interesting to relate, even though we were Tourneau, we were not allowed to sell them as they were already represented by Shreeve a few blocks away.

Now while I did know a bit about Panerai, in all honesty I knew precious little about Anonimo. And at the risk of sounding uncharitable, this was not helped by the people calling the shots at Anonimo at the time.

A little inside baseball, the North American distributor lived a 15 minute BART ride away, just across the bay and spotting him at our store was about as likely as spotting Big Foot.

Most of the marketing info. And the quality issues and service record of Anonimo both locally and at HQ are probably best not spoken of again. BUT Out of necessity came motivation. I quickly realized was that no matter how much I wanted to sell Panerai because that was a guaranteed sale with a juicy commissionI would only be able to sell pre-owned ones. So I spent my down-time digging into whatever I could find on Anonimo.

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I plowed through as much info as was out there, and I came to a few very clear conclusions. For someone wanting to buy Panerai based on the mystique of a Florentine watch maker? Well they were looking at the wrong brand because frankly, that company did not exist any longer. If you wanted that original albeit a generation removed Florentine time keeper, you wanted an Anonimo. The type to borrow your car while you are out of town for the weekend, use it to drive to meet an old flame who just "happened to be in town", get five parking tickets in two and a half days, and manage to roll it into a ditch, pushing it back to your place with an empty gas tank and a dented roof.

But you still kept coming back ; So needless to say, this was a somewhat challenging sales pitch. But, I managed to sell quite a few of them, and I kept an eye on them once I moved on from Tourneau. And suffice it say, the ride was bumpy. Anonimo changed hands more than once, and never really seemed to catch on as it might have. There was plenty to recommend it.

The Militare had the really cool design with the crown at 12 o'clock. There was also the Kodiak strap. Which, as we're on the topic, should be brought back!

I came into contact with Anonimo again at BaselWorldwhere a new ownership team had taken over and a bond had been forged with Dino Zei. There was buzz, excitement, a book launch, and then And the brand became an orphan once more. And then a new owner came in, and again, to be charitable, let's just say it took several years for the novelty of owning a watch brand to wear off, and the realization that they actually had to make something interesting began to set in.

Several different models were tried, offered, and discarded.Learn more. Package contains watch manufacturer's certificate of authenticity if such certificate is applicable, and provided by the manufacturertags, stickers, boxes, and user manuals. We will gladly accept returns within 30 days of receipt of delivery. Watches must be returned to us in brand new, unworn and undamaged condition. Read more. Please read the additional information section next to the watch to determine processing times.

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Sign In List Cart. Junghans K. Swiss Army T. Nautilo Automatic Men's Watch. Order in the next 5 hours and your item is expected to ship on Monday, January 3.Born of the desire to offer casual elegance with a fun-loving spirit, Anonimo watches combine Italian design with Swiss-made watchmaking know-how. Additionally, Anonimo turns to materials such as bronze and oxidized bronze in addition to steel and PVD for an edgy appeal. Anonimo was founded in Florence in by Federico Massacesi, several years before the revival of the mechanical wristwatch.

InDr. Anonimo has made a name for itself in professional diving, and The Nautilo collection is still part of Anonimo today. The brand is still very in touch with its Italian roots, though.

Anonimo remains faithful to its Italian origins, which stand for living a joyful life full of happiness and passion. They are true to their Swiss influence by producing Swiss-made watches of high quality.

The elegance of their watches speaks to open-minded and caring people for whom it is essential to nurture both their own lives and others. Anonimo was producing bronze watches long before the current trend for bronze took hold. They are a pioneer in bronze and were the first ever to make a diving watch in bronze. Bronze is very resistant to corrosion, with the slight surface oxidization acting as a protection from further attacks.

The watches are water-resistant to meters. The Epurato is powered by a Swiss automatic movement with a power reserve of 38 hours. Log in Sign up. No results found. Sort Relevance Lowest price Highest price Latest.

Relevance Lowest price Highest price Latest. Min price. Max price. Load previous. History of Anonimo Anonimo was founded in Florence in by Federico Massacesi, several years before the revival of the mechanical wristwatch.Anonimo Militare Vintage. Anonimo is celebrating its twentieth anniversary with the presentation of a Vintage Militare La Cote des Montres - April 10th, Anonimo Nautilo Vintage chocolat. Nouvelle Nautilo Le0pard Anonimo Epurato Safari.

Anonimo unveils its new Epurato line. Anonimo: bronze in the spotlight for 20 years. Anonimo Nautilo Bianco. Anonimo Militare Chrono Vintage. Anonimo Militare Bronze. Anonimo Nautilo Sailing Edition. Anonimo et Van Dutch Marine, un partenariat « brut de design ». Les nouvelles montres Anonimo Militare Classic et Nautilo. Last news. Chopard L. C Flying T Twin Ladies. Franck Muller Snoopy inspired Crazy Hours. Patek Philippe « Advanced Research » fortissimo P. Anne-Sophie Pic X Hublot.

Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar. Kross Studio Lotus Tourbillon. Panerai Luminor Marina Quaranta. Breitling Super AVI. Corinne Suter joins the Hublot family. Tudor Pelagos FXD. Blancpain Air Command Flyback Chronograph.

Omega Speedmaster sells for world record price! Panerai Piccolo Due. Zenith Defy Extreme Desert Edition. Chopard Mille Miglia Bamford Edition. Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope. Recognised for their dedication to. › blogs › watch-news › anonimo-watches. For starters, it is a wonderful crossover between sporty and dressy. I have never owned a classy watch in such a beautiful color (I love turquoise).

They seem to be pretty nice, rugged wristwatches. Some of our favorite grey market dealers offer them at good prices too. I think if you get one. › Articles › Hands-On. The Nautilo is a big watch, there's no denying it. But we've come to expect Italian-influeneced divers to have considerable “wrist presence” and. Anonimo Nautilo Watch.

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March 11, · Rob Nudds ; Anonimo Epurato Bronze Watch. March 18, · Russell Nanney ; Anonimo Vintage Collection Watches. October 2. Watch reviews and forums overall love the brand even today. Anonimo has built a loyal clientele and customer base over the last 20 years. For which, their avid. Even though the Nautilo Vintage provides anything that a real dive watch needs, there are other watches on the market that serve better as an.

While thin, its highly polished surface catches the light perfectly from every angle.

20 Years of Anonimo: Past, Present, and Future

I've traditionally not been a fluted bezel guy, but. Personally, I have small wrists, but the 42mm case did not look out of place on my arm. Furthermore, it felt incredibly comfortable to wear.

Ceramic is great for a sport watch because it is extremely resistant to scratches while also enhancing the look with its brilliance. The golden.

Indeed, Anonimo has produced a striking watch, courtesy of the silver dial, green detail and black tones of the case, which is bold, eye. and interesting news, informations, releases, prices and honest reviews about Anonimo Watches. The diving watch glows either blue, yellow or green. This watch is an amazing buy from an great company. Pricing is reasonable. The movement is fluid and robust and lasts a long time.

Inside the. Anonimo Firenze is an Italian watchmaker brand. Its watches are manufactured in Florence, Italy with Swiss movements provided by ETA SA or Sellita. and ages over time, in tandem with its owner, making each watch a unique object.

which is a good match with the dive watches that generally use it. Anonimo watches in stock now. Daily new offers. Safe favorite watches & buy your dream watch on Chronocom. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color.

· Anonimo epurato Mens Analog Automatic Watch with Leather Bracelet. Released inthe first Anonimo bronze diving watch played upon the of a philosophy that continues to serve the brand in good stead.