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If you own a car, you need to be aware of any potential transmission problems. Here are some common transmission symptoms you should fix before it's too late. Automotive transmission problems can run the gamut in severity and in repair cost.

Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Everything You Need to Know, Including Full List of Affected Vehicles

Minor transmission repairs involve replacing defective solenoids, re-sealing for leaks, replacing parts, and throttle cable adjustment. Major transmission repair requires disassembling, inspection, cleaning, and rebuilding. It's labor intensive and cost prohibitive. Luckily, transmission failure doesn't usually happen without warning.

There are several warning signs that your transmission's going out. Road trips are full of weird smells, but if any of them seem to be coming from your engine, pay attention. If you notice a burning smell, it's a sure sign something's not working right. As transmission fluid runs low or degrades, it overheats and starts to burn.

This makes your engine run hot, which contributes to early wear, excess debris, and corrosion. Other causes of burning smells include trapped plastic, dripping antifreeze, or a melting heater core. You should always get a burning smell checked out, no matter the cause. Car breakdowns in the movies are always accompanied by clunking sounds, whether it's a flat tire or a faulty starter. In this case, the movies didn't lie. Strange sounds can mean transmission trouble. Don't pass off abrupt changes in your driving soundtrack with a cursory, "well, that's new.

Clunking, humming or whining sounds are signs of automatic transmission problems. Faulty manual transmissions will also give off loud machinelike sounds that seem to come out of nowhere. A clunking noise when you shift gears is a telltale transmission situation.

Have a mechanic look it over. Excess noisiness may also indicate a problem. A noisy, bumping sound when your car is in neutral requires an engine check. The solution is usually pretty simple. It might be low fluid. It could also be that the wrong fluid type was used, and it's not doing the job. On the other hand, it could be a problem with your bearings or gear teeth, which may need replacements. Though many drivers are used to ignoring a chronic check engine light, there are times to take it seriously.

A red or blinking light is trying to alert you to an urgent problem. Sensors all around your vehicle can trip the warning system.

Even something as inconsequential as a loose gas cap can set it off. When the transmission sensors set off the check engine light, it's a cause for concern. The sensors detect minute jerks and tremors that you wouldn't otherwise notice.

Don't wait until you do notice them when a simple diagnostic scan could give you peace of mind. A functioning transmission will slide right into the proper gear. If your car is hesitating or giving you no response, something's wrong, and it's often the transmission. In a manual vehicle, this delayed shifting is accompanied by an RPM surge and engine noise that doesn't match your speed.

It might just be your clutch, but the only way to know for sure is to take it in for service. There are 6 main fluids in your vehicle.Between work, family events, and the dozens of other obligations people have, basic car maintenance can fall by the wayside. However, performing regular maintenance on your vehicle matters more than you think.

Following basic car maintenance tips may help keep your car running. Keeping your car maintained will help your vehicle last longer. It can even help you snag a higher resale price if you decide to sell. Something as simple as checking tire pressure or washing your car can add value to your vehicle.

From better fuel efficiency to retaining resale value, these simple car maintenance tips can help improve your vehicle-owning experience. In addition, if you drive a new Toyota, you can take advantage of ToyotaCare. Every purchased and leased new Toyota comes with the ToyotaCare scheduled maintenance plan and roadside assistance.

Usually, basic car maintenance involves checking or replacing parts like spark plugs, wires, fluids, and serpentine belts. Scheduling maintenance services through your dealer may be best.

There are at least three good reasons for this:. It contains a great deal of other helpful information, as well. It will help you to get started and will give you a good base of knowledge about the features and requirements of your specific vehicle.

As we move further away from the days of conventional motor oils, most newer vehicles no longer have to have an oil and filter change every 3, miles. High-efficiency engines and high-quality oil have changed the way we approach this service. Due to how efficient engines and motor oils have become, commonly-held advice may not be correct anymore.

Getting an oil change is a simple way to keep your vehicle in good running condition. In fact, not maintaining the oil can void your warranty and even cause engine failure.

If your car uses conventional motor oil, it likely should be changed every 3, miles or 3 months. If your car has synthetic oil, it likely should be changed every 5, miles or months. Higher is not always better when it comes to gasoline.A division of Midwest Truck and Auto Parts, Motive Gear offers the highest quality drivetrain components on the market. Motive Gear is a proud partner of top racing teams, manufacturing driveline products capable of withstanding extreme horsepower applications, even when operating in punishing environments.

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Engine Maintenance: How to Replace the Timing Belt and Water Pump

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The standard rotation gears have 10 ring gear bolts Why Choose Motive Gear? Gear Ratio Calculators Choosing the correct gear ratio is critical to maximizing performance, efficiency, and drivability for a wide range of vehicles operating even under the most extreme conditions.

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Warranty Our commitment to quality is backed by some of the best warranty coverage in the industry.For car owners around the world, transmission problems can be one of the most stressful, most expensive cars or truck problems to deal with. Here are the facts: if you want to keep your car safely operating on the road and your transmission doing what it is supposed to do, you need to know what issues to look out for. When it comes to your transmission, the issues that cause the problems can add up like crazy unless you know what to spot early, and how to spot it.

So, you might be asking, what are the most common transmission problems and how do you spot them? The leading cause of transmission failure for all makes of vehicles is due to not properly following the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations for the engine and transmission and changing the fluid and filters at the proper recommended mileage and time, especially if you are using the vehicle in harsh conditions or stressful times such as towing or hilly areas.

The fluid is the lifeblood of the transmission Hidden falls ranch resort when it begins to break down it no longer lubricates properly, nor will it cool properly leading to premature failure, overheating, and a host of other mechanical issues including leakage.

Transmission leaks are probably the second most common transmission problems that lead to some devastating internal transmission issues. Most transmission leaks occur due to a leaking pan gasket, axle or driveshaft seal, or a transmission cooling line.

If you spot a leak in your transmission, look to see if you can spot where it is coming from. Repairing a cooling line or a pan gasket can be a quick somewhat inexpensive solution. An axle seal, output shaft seal or a converter seal is a bit more work and labor but if you catch the leak soon enough before internal damage can occur, you probably saved yourself a bunch of money for a replacement or rebuilt transmission. Check engine light can mean many different issues are happening depending on your vehicles make and model.

It could be your transmission, brake system, air conditioning, or any system on the vehicle, so it's important you have the codes retrieved from the vehicle's computers to allow for a pinpoint diagnostic of the system and problem.

If the light is flashingthat could mean a severe problem that is causing other damage to the engine and or transmission so do not delay. You have slipping gears if it seems like the engine is revving higher than it should when driving down the road and you lack power. There are other warning signs worth looking out for as well:. These symptoms sometimes come before or after your transmission starts to slip. These issues can occur when you haven't replaced your fluid levels at the correct intervals, you have an ill running engine or the clutches are worn.

You can prevent a slipping transmission maintaining your fluid levels regularly and making certain you do not have any leaks. Burnt and low fluid can be easy fixes. Replacing, clutches, bands and other internal parts require a professional Technician. If you plan on fixing slipping gears yourself, make sure your issues fall in the categories listed above before targeting your transmission - you can create issues on transmission by "fixing" the wrong parts.

Transmission bands wrap around the parts of the internal transmission parts to allow upshifting and downshifting. Friction clutch and 1-way mechanical clutches do as well. In addition, the computer takes information from all systems of the vehicle to determine when to shift and how hard. If these parts or systems fail to operate correctly, you'll find your car unable to shift correctly or shift at all Even though it may feel like a transmission problem, it could be caused by another system on your car or truck.

Have a professional check it out for you. If you're parked on a slope you might have excessive pressure put on the park pawl. This causes your car to become very difficult to get out of Park and isn't typically the result of a transmission related problem but just extreme pressure on that mechanism. You may need someone to help you rock the car a bit to see if it will release with even pressure on the shifter. Be careful though, stay safe. In most cases, a burning smell comes from the very hot or leaking transmission fluid.

Preventing this requires checking your fluid levels regularly to look for indications of a leak. A torque converter is a device that transfers torque from the engine to the transmission and on to the drive wheels of the vehicle. IT is an important part of the transmission and also drives the fluid pump to make the transmission work. When the torque converter starts to go bad, it will cause overheating of the transmission, juddering and shuttering feelings and at times will even not allow the transmission to go into high gears.Complete kit!

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However, BMW has adjusted to the modern car market like any other company. Stick shifts have been all but phased out from the lineup, and much of the track-tuning goes to four-door crossovers.

Still, the cars remain instantly recognizable for their dual kidney grilles — though some have ballooned to cartoonish proportions. Its first car did not appear until Only after WWII did building cars become the primary enterprise. Cars like the and its successor, the 3 Series, laid the foundation for BMW to become a luxury and performance powerhouse from the s onward. BMW models comes in numbered series ranging from 1 to 8.

Larger odd-numbered series mean a bigger car. Even-numbered series tend to be body style variants of the previous series. X models are SUVs. Z models are roadsters. Models starting with a lowercase i are electric or hybrid models; models can also have the suffixes sDrive two-wheel-drive or xDrive all-wheel-drive — although not all RWD Bimmers are marked with an sDrive badge.

The second set of numbers in a model name indicate how big the engine is. They used to track engine displacement. Now, a bigger number just means a bigger engine.

The final letter e. Most cars end in i, for gasoline fuel i njection. There are also " e " electrified hybrids and, in other markets, " d " diesel cars. These are distinct from cars like the Mi xDrive which typically have more power and sportier tuning and styling than the standard models.

These contain the letter B i. Gran Coupe: A four-door coupe with a sleek, sloping roofline. Gran Turismo: A four-door sedan with a higher roofline in the rear for more trunk space.

BMW opted for mass confusion with the 2 Series. The 2 Series Gran Coupe, using a different platform, debuted in Top of the line for now is the outgoing M2 Competition Coupe with hp from its 3. The 3 Series is BMW's compact sedan.

It has been a standout for decades since its debut, and is is BMW's best-selling vehicle of all-time. The new seventh-generation launched for the model year; BMW dropped the wagon and gran turismo body styles in the U. It comes in hp four-cylinder, hp plug-in-hybrid and hp six-cylinder versions.

The new M3 arrived this yearas well, packing a or hp turbocharged inline-six. BMW created the 4 Series inbreaking off 3 Series body style variants into their own series. The 4 Series an come as a coupe, convertible or new for a four-door gran coupe model.

Power outputs range from a hp four-cylinder to a hp inline-six in the M4. The M4 can be fitted with a six-speed manual transmissionbut only in base model forms; all others use an eight-speed automatic. In a recent test, we found the Mi coupe technologically packed, but a disappointing drive.

The 5 Series is BMW's midsize car. It was the first numbered series in BMW's lineup when it debuted in It is now sedan-only in the U. BMW also sells a e plug-in hybrid with 21 miles of electric range. The V6 engine would serve as the base engine for the Tundra, while a second engine was added, a L V8, the first V8 for a Toyota pickup. The Toyota Dyna is a light to medium-duty cab over truck for commercial use. In the Japanese market, the Dyna is sold alongside its twin called the Toyoace.

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Many Tundra owners fix this problem by installing aftermarket brake controllers. Ineffective. Valves Per Cylinder, 4 ; Valve Configuration, DOHC ; Fuel Supply System, Electronic Fuel Injection ; TransmissionType, Manual ; Gear Box, 5 Speed. Usually, basic car maintenance involves checking or replacing parts like spark High-efficiency engines and high-quality oil have changed the way we.

Trail-Gear is a leading manufacture of off-road products for rock crawlers, racers, and trail enthusiasts with thousands of Toyota, Suzuki, and universal. Buy Engine Tune Up Parts Kit Replacement for Toyota Tacoma Toyota 4runner Includes all filters, PCV valve and grommet NGK spark. Direct Search by Differential Model · Why Choose Motive Gear? A division of Midwest Truck and Auto Parts, Motive Gear offers the highest quality drivetrain. Six popular Toyota Tundra parts categories include the following: engine components; interior gear; exterior gear; lighting and lamps; suspension and steering.

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Takata Recall Spotlight For Consumers NHTSA In Action Completion Rates responsibilities when a vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment is recalled. Genuine Parts from Toyota Kenya are made to the same high-quality standards as your vehicle and are designed specifically for your model.

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